By Punam Verma


Is it a bird or is it a plane, NO it's IISUPERWOMANII. 

Lilly Singh was a normal girl, who went to school, then college, got a degree in psychology, and now makes youtube videos. 

It may seem like she wasted a lot of time and money going to University right?


With over 10 million fans watching her videos, I think you can safely say she made the right move. 

She now travels around the world motivating and entertaining people, especially the younger generation. When I met her fans before our interview, they were so ecstatic whilst queuing up for her show, they couldn't stop jumping up and down (much like Lilly herself).

Personally, I had never interviewed a youtube star before Lilly, so this was all very surprising for me. But after watching her show, I realised how through her energy and words, she is feeding the younger generation with seeds of positivity.

She first started making videos to help her through her struggle with depression, which she has openly talked about.  Her main goal is to empower people with confidence, the same way she has healed herself through her own videos.

Take a look at just how positive she is when I met up with her on dubai ON demand.