By Punam Verma


Whilst staying in Canggu in Bali, I finally taught myself how to ride a moped. It was the only way to really get around in Bali, otherwise you would always have to hitch a ride. 

My first solo trip took me half a mile down the road from my villa, where I stumbled across a small cafe called Bungalow Living. I was so grateful I had survived the 4 minute ride all by myself that I decided I deserved some coffee and cake.

I walked in to the cafe and to my surprise it also had an array of jewellery and home furnishings.

There was a very bohemian vibe to it which I have always been drawn to. So I was about to order a coffee and I thought, why not try the vanilla latte. Now a lot of these flavoured drinks can be overly sweet, but I thought maybe in Bali it may taste different.

I took my first sip and a smile took over my face. For me, this was without a doubt the best vanilla latte I had ever tried. As Goldilocks would say, it was just right! Safe to say I went back to the cafe about another five times after that during my stay.

As for the home furnishings, well just opposite the cafe and a thirty second walk is where you will find their wholesale gallery. It sells cushions, bags, blankets and all kinds of goodies for the home.

And let me tell you, there is no way you will be able to walk in to the entrance of this gallery without taking a picture. Don't believe me, then watch the video below.