by The SOUL Traveller Team



Now we all know how chocolate feeds the SOUL, but have you ever tried Belgian milk chocolate infused with premium Indian saffron?

Neither have we!

Well a young entrepreneur by the name of Mahbir Thukral has created some unique products with saffron sourced fresh from Kashmir. When he decided to give us a few to sample, our initial response was - 'We're not really a fan of saffron, it's got quite a strong taste.'

Nevertheless, we are not a team to turn down free food.

The first thing we noticed was the presentation which is very colourful. It has sprinkles of dried saffron petals all over the top of the chocolate bar. As for the taste, in all honesty the potency of the saffron is JUST right. It doesn't overpower the chocolate taste, but it does add a very unique flavour indeed, and hard to compare to another chocolate bar. You will get a little buzz on the tongue for sure, but after our first bite, we did go for another straight after. 

Along with the chocolate he has also created an apple jam and orange marmalade, both infused with saffron too. 

We have already replaced our regular strawberry jam with Mahbir's Apple saffron jam, so we will need to coax him in to sending us another batch.

Try some yourself and let us know what you think. You can place your order at