We drove by the restaurant several times over the course of the week whilst in LA, and even the branding was cool.  There was a buzz on this street corner like no place else I had seen in LA. 

It wasn't just a place to be seen like many other venues in the city. Osteria Mozza drew in a crowd that were there purely for the food.  

The night we dined there the restaurant was completely packed! In fact it was was so busy, even after we checked in and followed-up with the hostess multiple times, they gave away our table. 

A bit disgruntled at first, they quickly made an effort to remedy the situation and seated us in a busy corner of the dining room.  Upon being seated, we were immediately served the Buffalo Mozzarella Caprese, as a 'we're sorry to keep you waiting' treat, which is an excellent show of the hospitality.

Happy that we were acknowledged by the management for our patience, we went ahead and ordered the meal.  With so many exciting items popping out at us, the choices were difficult to make.  I have simply highlighted some of my favorites, as there were just way too many tasty treats to mention.

The amberjack and sea urchin crudo goes to the top of list.  The unique combination of the succulent meaty fish topped with the sweet velvety texture of the sea urchin. 

Sitting in a plate of chili vinaigrette, the oil and acid broke down elements of this usually tougher type of fish which resulted in a textural harmony.

One of the Primiitems we ordered was the Tagliolini with Maine Lobster and Roasted Sea Urchin.  This delicate pasta plate had it ALL going on.  The epitome of decadence,  each ingredient stood out individually, but came together perfectly complimenting one another in this beautifully comprised dish. 

One of the Secondi we enjoyed was the Butter Braised Halibut.  This fish was cooked to perfection and literally melted in our mouth like butter.  The seasoning was on point and the flavor of the fish was divine.  A well executed dish that reveled in its simplicity.

Without a doubt, a restaurant worth dining at when in LA.




Article by Saba Wahid