By Punam Verma


One of my most memorable experiences in Oman was playing mid-wife to newly hatched baby turtles. We were filming at the Shangri-la Barr Al Jissah Resort when about 50 of the eggs decided it was time to break free. 

With the turtle range at hand, I was lucky enough to hold a few as the new borns broke themselves out of their shells. It was like witnessing a miracle. 

One by one we gently placed them along the beach and watched them instinctively run towards the ocean. They were so small, you just prayed that none of them would be eaten or hurt in the big blue sea.

At the Shangri-la they have set up the turtle care project which aims to protect the endangered hawksbill and green turtle species which are native to the beaches of Oman. It is to educate and inform guests and locals about the plight of turtles in the region, and how to protect them.

There are seven species of turtles in the world today and six are in danger of extinction. 

In 2011, 146 turtles nesting on the resorts beaches produced over 10,000 hatchings. So you can see why they need to protect them. The best time to catch the hatchings is between January and August. 


Shangri-la Barr Al Jissah Resort