By Punam Verma


We have all heard of the benefits of meditation, but we also know just how difficult it can be to empty our minds. Well, why not try gong meditation (or any other form of sound meditation).

It is one of the most profound experiences I have ever had.

Here's the story: I was living in Dubai, and someone mentioned that an American guy was holding a gong bath meditation on the beach. A WHAT I thought? Is this another weird health craze from the USA.

Anyway, I gave it a go. We were all asked to lie in our sleeping bags in the dark on a beach under the stars. We had to lie in front or behind the gong, because that way we would feel its vibrations. Next thing I knew our American guy started gently banging the gong.

What felt like twenty minutes of sleep, was in fact ninety minutes, which is when I woke up from the deepest sleep I had had in years. I woke up in a daze. I felt high, as though I was floating. I was feeling very light headed and I couldn't get up. I just wanted to sit there on the beach in the pitch black enjoying this blissful feeling.

What was going on? Fifteen minutes later I forced myself up, drove home, which felt more like flying home, went in to my apartment and was asleep within 5 mins.

Holy moly I had found my new obsession. Apparently, the gong affects the physical nervous system, and as we are all energy the vibrations are felt throughout the body, which moves stagnant energy around.  

The reason it's called a gong bath mediation (that's the full name), is because it's a cleansing process for the subconscious mind. Thats why my body felt so light, I was no longer holding heavy thoughts.

If you have the chance to try some sort of sound mediation, which can also includes crystal bowls and mediation bowls, I would highly recommend it.

However, depending on what climate you live in, I prefer doing this type of meditation outdoors. Being closer to nature's energy adds to the meditative state.