By Punam Verma


When I first started yoga about 18 years ago in the UK, it was hard to find more than one class in my hometown. However slowly it started to grow, and eventually made it's way to Dubai at the same time as me. 

In 2007 I came across the full moon yoga class at Talise Spa in Dubai. I was so grateful that I had found a yoga class, and better still it was right on the beach. We decided to film the class as part of my TV show, and in total there were about 30 people who turned up.

There were musicians playing gentle music as we arrived and a stage set up for the yoga teachers. It truly was quite an event. Our view was the exclusive Burj Al Arab, all lit up in a variety of colors, the full moon shining down on us, and sound of the waves became the soundtrack to our class.

If you turn up to the class today, you will usually find on average over 100 people each month at the full moon yoga. They have also introduced massages on the beach as well as refreshments and vouchers for the spa. 

Even if you're not a big fan of yoga, I would definitely recommend this class if just for the ambiance and the spa vouchers. And some gentle stretching won't do you any harm either.


Web: Talise Spa