By Punam Verma

So one day a scientist goes to Sri Lanka, has a few ayurvedic treatments which ends up turning her life 180 degrees.

Julie Dent returned from Sri Lanka and decided to turn a three storey mill in the middle of the Worcestershire countryside in to a holistic retreat. After two years of building work, her dream finally came true.

The clover Mill is a beautiful ayurvedic retreat, where you can experience healing massages, daily yoga classes, and beautiful home made organic meals that Julie makes fresh everyday. 

I can honestly tell you that even though the food is very healthy, as it's made from local produce, the quality and taste of it is on the same level as a top restaurant you would find in London.

But be prepared for a few headaches. Julie doesn't serve any tea or coffee, only herbal drinks. After the first day all six of us had headaches, as our bodies were craving caffeine. But, by the end of the third day I had no desire for any tea or caffeine at all, which I managed to sustain for at least two weeks.

She is always smiling when you see her and has a sense of contentness that radiates from within. She told me she is truly living her dream, because when she wakes up everyday she just smiles from ear to ear.

Her countryside retreat has welcomed guests from all over the world including the odd celebrity.

You will also meet Millie her dog, who guides the guests to wherever they would like to go when walking around the estate. She is like a little tour guide, you just tell her where you want to go and she will lead the way.

And be prepared to meet three alpacas (which I had never ever come across in my life before), as well as a few chickens which deliver fresh daily eggs.

For you tech addicts though beware, there is no wifi in the eco friendly lodges as this retreat is all about going back to nature and finding harmony and balance within. So expect to hear birds chirping rather than phones ringing.


Video produced by Punam Verma