By Donya Fredj (@doniadonya)

Judging by the title of this post you may think I am one of those yoga-obsessed hippies with a body that can twist and turn in seemingly impossible positions. Let me assure you I am not. Far from it in fact. 

The only reason I decided to pay a visit to the Yoga Barn in Ubud and try out a kundalini yoga class while on a recent trip to Bali was because I thought it might be rather amusing to listen to people chanting incomprehensible words while doing unnatural repetitive moments. 

I mean who doesn't like to have a good laugh when they are on holiday right? 

However, from the moment I started to approach the Yoga Barn, the eager await for a hilarious eye rolling experience began to dissipate and was soon replaced by an overwhelming sense of calm and serenity created by the lush jungle-like grounds that surrounded the Yoga Barn. 

The class itself was quite an extraordinary experience. First, I loved the fact that I did not have to be super bendy. While the movements were dynamic, the real challenge came in sustaining those movements for minutes at a time while doing intense breath work. It was both a physical and mental workout. 

More importantly, rather than the expected grins and bursts of laughter, I actually ended up shedding a few tears while singing "May the Long Time Sun" at the end of the class. No joke! 

Did I just experience spiritual enlightenment I wondered? Probably not. But I definitely felt an amazing release of emotions and a sense of peace and euphoria that I had not felt in a long time. 

Once the class was over, I decided to treat myself to a healthy breakfast at the “Garden Kafe”, which overlooked the beautiful grounds of the Yoga Barn. From the wide range of raw, vegan and Ayurvedic menu items, I selected a small shot of wheatgrass juice, a hearty bowl of black rice pudding served with coconut sugar and a selection of juicy exotic fruits. 

Not only did I walk out feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, but my trip to the Yoga Barn reminded me that we must always keep an open mind and embrace new experiences as you never know what you might just discover.

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