By Punam Verma


So whilst most of you mere mortals do the normal check in by walking in to a hotel, I decided to become superwoman for a day, and fly in to my hotel, The Six Senses Zighy Bay in Oman.

In order to make my grand entrance we first had to drive up Zighy Mountain for about half an hour around lots of curvy bends that were quite scarey if I’m honest. One wrong turn and we would have been camel meat. ( Apologies to all the vegetarians, but in that region camel was once a staple diet back in the day for bedouins).

Fortunately we arrived safe and sound. However, like the saying goes, what goes up must come down.

Six Senses Zighy Bay have come up with a creative way of checking in to the resort. Not only do you get one hell of a ride, but you also get to enjoy the view like a human drone by paragliding off the top of Zighy mountian which is 293 metres high, straight in to the resort down below.

My tandem glider strapped me in tightly, gave me a few instructions, I said a little prayer, took a last look at my crew, and then I ran.

As I was running towards the edge of the mountain I suddenly wanted to go back to being a mere mortal and take my Superwoman mask off, but my team were counting on me. So, like a true Superhero, I swallowed my fear, closed my eyes, and took a giant leap for mankind.

The next thing I knew I was flying. It was the most gentle flight I had ever taken. There was no inflight entertainment, crying baby next to me, or cramped seating.

It was just me, my tandem glider and the wind in my hair (ok so it wasn’t that romantic, I was wearing a helmet but you get the picture).

We circled around like an eagle with a birds eye view of the incredible surrounding mountain range, crystal blue ocean and the villas of Zighy Bay. It was like life had stopped for those several minutes in the air.

No phone calls, texts, no worries. Oh well maybe just one, the hope I survive the landing. Other than that I was flying through the air like a bird strapped to a seat.

It was time to land, and we started heading towards the beach next to the villas. We came in quite fast and then suddenly we were on land. There was no pressure on my feet, no force, no nothing. It was like I was a fairy and had literally just touched the tip of my toes on the white soft sand and that was it. It was all over.

Back to being a mere mortal again.



Video Credit: Dubai One TV