By Punam Verma



Dinner in the Sky is a Belgian-based experience and has travelled around the world creating one of the most unusual and scariest dinning experiences on the planet.

It's currently in Dubai, and a few years ago I gave it a go.

As soon as we arrived we saw the set-up on the ground. There were 22 chairs on the outside, all with seat-belts, a small platform for your feet to lie on, a large table that runs around the whole setting, and in the centre are the waiters and chefs. Ok so it looked stable and secure, so how scary could this be?

All strapped in, with our cameramen at the ready we started to lift off. Apparently the table goes up around 45-50 meters high (depending on wind conditions) and the dining experience once you are up in the air lasts around 25 minutes.

Now you may think that's not that long, but after looking down at the ocean, the streets, and the people looking so small down below, whilst also trying to concentrate on a delecious meal at the same time, was kind of distracting. I didn't know where too look as there was so much to see.

So after 25 minutes I was kind of ready to come down, just to get some grounding and perspective.

There are a variety of sessions to pick from, breakfast, afternoon tea, to lunch or dinner. As for the food, well that's catered by The Ritz Carlton, so you are in for some fancy nibbles for sure.

It's definitely an experience worth trying once, and safety is paramount so you will always be securely locked in to your seat. 

All I can say is, this brings a new meaning to outdoor dining!



Video by Khaleej Times