One of the most memorable experiences we had during our trip through Western Australia, was swimming with sea lions at Green Head.

Before swimming with them though, there are a couple of things that you should know. For one, sea lions are protected animals in Australia, therefore, you're not allowed to just sail out to a colony and jump in the water with them. There are tours that will take you out to the correct area.

Secondly, remember they're still wild animals. Don't approach or touch them. Interacting is okay though as they are super curious. They love to play but this doesn't mean you should cling on to them or stroke them, however there are still plenty of ways to interact with these stunning creatures as you will see in our video.

Once we jumped in, being the curious animals they are, they came close to us very quickly and started to swim around us. They not only look like underwater dogs, they also behave that way. Excited and playful. 

We swam away, they chased us, we dived down, they did the same. Do some underwater twirls or blow bubbles, and they'll copy you! 

Every time we thought they had had enough of playing, a new group came out and joined the fun!  They love cameras too and kept diving towards the lens. Apparently they enjoy seeing their own reflection in the lens. As long as you respect their space, they will come and play with you.

You can swim with them for as long as 4 hours, and there are usually between 30-50 sea lions in the area. It cost us 150 AUD for a half day tour which can be taken anytime during the year.

We have traveled to many places and experienced many beautiful moments, but this was genuinely one of the most magical things we have done.