Is your soul full?


Well we're here to fill it up !


When Punam heard the word metaphysics two years ago, she had no idea what it meant. And now as a practitioner, whenever she mentions the word to people they generally respond with a WHAT IS THAT ??

Metaphysics delves in to the SOUL, and reminds us that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience for a short amount of time. It connects us with our true self, and combats our limiting beliefs and old programmings that have been handed down to us, which can stop of us from a living an empowered and creative life.

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Client A

I decided to try this form of therapy, to have a better understanding of who I am and gain some strength to over come hurdles and my own self doubts. 

Punam has taught me so much in a short amount of time and her life stories are amazing and truly inspiring. The ideas and wisdom that she shared with me has literally has opened my eyes even more. I now trust my own instinct and hope to just get stronger and more fearless. 

I would highly recommend Punam to anyone, from any background, age, gender or religion because she has such an honest and warm approach when discussing sensitive topics, she makes you feel comfortable to open up, and I feel that everyone regardless would benefit from her sessions. 



Client B

I have just completed 6 metaphysical counselling sessions with Punam and wow - what a transformation I've been through in such a short time. Being guided by her is like talking to a friend, she has been a way-shower and mentor in my spiritual and creative growth. She is a brilliant catalyst for transformation as she has already been there and achieved success. Her intuition is laser-like in precision, she got to the heart of the matter straightaway, motivating and inspiring me to share my writing with the world. In just 6 weeks I have gone from having it hidden away out of sight for 15 years to putting it on Instagram to share with the world!! 

I had to overcome a lot of self-doubt to do this but with Punam's encouragement and insight it became easier to trust both myself and the process. I am delighted to report that my creative block has gone. Talking about the deeper, underlying issues was very healing, I have cleared a lot of 'stuff' that was holding me back and weighing me down. I found Punam very inspiring and refreshing to talk to, a fellow free thinker and free spirit. She is very generous with her deep knowledge of metaphysics, the spiritual treatments and links she gave me were amazing and helped me get unstuck and move further along my journey. Thanks so much Punam for helping me reconnect with my creativity and for the enormous wake-up call just when I needed it!




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