Our life’s vision rarely matches our SOUL’s mission
— Punam Verma



SOUL Traveller


Punam Verma is the creator of SOUL traveller magazine, and also the host & producer of  SOUL traveller the TV show, on SKY TV in the UK, on channel 212.

She is a Journalist, TV Presenter, International MC and Metaphysics Practitioner.

Punam began her career with the BBC before moving to Dubai to host the longest running English TV show on Dubai One TV. 

On her show 'Out & About' she interviewed some of the world's biggest celebrities from Lewis Hamilton to Kim Kardashian, she travelled the world featuring resorts in the Seychelles and Hong Kong, and has also showed us her fearless side by trying every extreme sport possible, from skydiving to parasailing.

With so many adventures under her belt she wanted to share her experiences by using her TV, Journalism and metaphysical skills to inspire, empower and educate people in an entertaining way.  

Her main mission when creating SOUL traveller was to starve the ego and feed the SOUL.

Her goal is to create a worldwide community of SOUL travellers, where bloggers, writers, film makers, and worldwide speakers come together on one platform to share their stories and adventures and teach others how to listen to your SOUL's calling.

To find out how you can be part of the SOUL traveller family head over to our SOUL MATES page.

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